We, the members of Grace Communion in Perth, have had an amazing journey of discovery.  Over the years we have come to a deeper understanding of who God is, and the love he has for us. Christianity is not about being exclusive, rituals, obeying rules, denying science or becoming an extremist - It's about our relationship with God and our relationships with each other.  It's about offering help and comfort to those in need, along with a hope for a future in a troubled world. Grace Communion International has church congregations throughout Australia, along with an active group here in Western Australia. We meet weekly in Perth, bi-weekly in Bunbury, along with regular small group meetings each week spread across Perth suburbs and WA regional centres. We would welcome you to come along to one of our meetings.  We're not interested in pressuring you to join or after your money, but we would love to share the lasting joy we have found from the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Church of Christ Building,
29 Darnell Avenue,
Mount Pleasant
10:30 am each Saturday
Phone: 08 94565359


CWA Hall
Cnr Hamilton Road & Hale Street
Meet on a fortnightly basis
Phone: 08 9725 1022